AMA Webcast: Hiring Interactive Talent

Please join the AMA for a Live Webcast entitled:

“Hiring Interactive Talent in the New World of Work”

Aquent and Monster recently conducted a survey to better understand the career landscape and outlook for interactive and Web professionals.

The interactive design and development and online marketing respondents validated what you probably knew already: It’s a new world of work. This is particularly true in the Web and interactive world, where, on top of everything else, technology and skill sets are constantly changing.

Companies don’t need just an HTML coder or a Web designer anymore. What they need is a senior interaction designer who understands the fundamentals of Web 2.0, is a usability expert capable of wireframe and prototype design, and can communicate clearly with designers and software engineers to create and execute effective design solutions.

In this Aquent-sponsored AMA webcast, Paul Jamieson, research manager with Monster Intelligence, and Jason Brownewell, director of Aquent’s Interactive Design Practice, will:

-Share the results of the Aquent|Monster Interactive Career Outlook Survey
-Explore compensation trends in interactive and Web positions
-Provide an overview of specialized skill sets that are in increasing demand
-Explain how employers can attract interactive/Web talent in this marketplace

DATE: February 24, 2009

TIME: 10amPT/ 11amMT/ 12pmCT/ 1pmET

Jason Brownewell, Director of Interactive Design Practice, Aquent
Paul Jamieson, Research Manager, Monster Intelligence
Alli LIbb, Moderator, American Marketing Association

COST: Complimentary

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  1. Everyone needs a web guy/gal (usually guy) that can do it all. Which is why you see resumes that claim every technology under the sun. A race that never ends sometimes. But that is the biz.

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