I like Feedback

I’m not totally sure what this person is trying to tell me but here it goes:

“Schematic Austin is letting go of a creative director and senior UX person. This is partially because they are dropping the ball and losing a lot (if not all) of the Dell business. I’m sure you knew this, but are ignoring it because those guys are your buddies…maybe you are even holding out to work there or want to protect some of your sources.

Look, I have no problem with you taking shots at T3, Springbox GSD&M and Enfatico, but don’t play favorites. Be an equal opportunity offender and nut up jackass.”

I actually don’t know anyone at Schematic.

I’d love to get more feedback regarding this blog.

I’d like to know what news/events I am not covering so that I can cover them.



  1. I agree! This blog is such a joke – not only do you not know anything about the industry, but you play favorites with your agency coverage. I’ll admit that I used to let some of your posts get to me, but when I, and most people, go to your blog now, it’s purely for a laugh.

    The information you post and the opinions you provide could not be more far off base. It’s like, if you want to read about what’s NOT true regarding the Austin ad community, read this blog!

  2. “The information you post and the opinions you provide could not be more far off base.”

    I’m sorry, but you are going to have to be more specific as there are at least a few posts that are right on i.e. like the simple reprints of real press releases


  3. I don’t get it. How are you supposed to blog/report on something you don’t know about?!?

    I’ve worked in Austin advertising/marketing for over a decade, and I still don’t know someone at every agency in town. And not every employee knows every reason for every business decision.

    I was recently laid off and I find your site to be very helpful in knowing what agencies to avoid or target. Your reports on recent layoffs at Springbox and T3 were the first I had heard of the news and were very helpful.

    Keep it up.

  4. It’s always easier to criticize. What are guys, clients? Robert posts what he hears. Most of the criticism of the agencies has come in the comments. Otherwise, it’s been pretty easy targets. I mean, come on –T3 deserves to be made fun of for those videos. Big time.

    There are people who hate working at Idea City, Tocquigny, and T3. If you’ve been around this town long at all, this is not a surprise to you. (Springbox was to me, though. ;))

    Sure, this blog would be better if there were more news on it, on more agencies, but it takes time to build an audience. He’s dependent on tips for the good stuff. I’m glad it’s here.

  5. I agree with the positive comments.I come here to find out what going on under the table. I snd comments here on what I hear. Only here did I find info on the T3 layoffs and the horrible video. Without Adomatica I would have never known of the video. Because I heard about the video I was able to act quickly enough to get a copy of it and snd it to him. Leave the guy alone, or do your own site and one up him. To me it looks like you loser heads are hanging out here too, just bitching.

  6. This GSD&Mer likes your blog. I like that it's kind of random, and that you're obviously passionate about the business, particularly the business in Austin. It may not be perfect, but you're clearly trying, which is what this town needs.

  7. I just got the most thought out comment (re: this post). I’m not going to publish it here as I think it deserves its own post and I want to be able to reply to it in a more digestible manner…for my readers of course.

    Thanks Artie.

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