1. picking on the paid staff is fair game; we’re all pros and collect the checks to prove it. we can take it.

    but going after the kids is way out of line. love your blog, but you flunked the sniff test today.

  2. I mean it as a poke to their internship program and not the interns themselves…but I see the points made above. Thanks


  3. i saw it as a poke at the internship program not at the intern. We should take accountability as the people earning the paycheck and actually teach our interns something. It should be a poke at us because although we can creative compelling campaigns and generate tons of revenue for clients, we cant even give our interns something worthy to do other than paint their nails and ponder what perez hilton has blogged about today. That shame on us. I applaud her for writing a blog about it because she led her internship in a direction that got her some coverage and may have taught her something, whereas GSDM did not.

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