T3 Sets Sights on 2008

I’m really sorry that I did not find this earlier, but the timing could not be better considering:

T3 Looks Towards the Future
T3 Looks Towards the Future (Part 2)

I think that the February 2008 video is much more ~enjoyable~ than the one they took down:

T3 Sets Sights on 2008

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  1. Typical CEO arrogance. How many times has the ad agency cringed when the client insisted he appear in the commercial? And here’s an agency owner doing it herself? Pathetic. There’s a reason we normally point the camera at “talent.”

  2. No, No, No, No. Amplifying the positive voices and honestly interacting in online conversations is by and large mutually exclusive. Its insane to me that marketers still look at online social communications as their digital playground where they can just go out and start printing money. She is completely oblivious to the rules of appropriately engaging with communities and interacting in ways that are beneficial and ad to the conversation. I almost ran screaming from my computer screen when I saw this. Its arguably in their best interest to take this video down as well, but of course…that would put in to question the online honesty of the firm. I believe I made the decision to never ever consider applying there regardless of the economy as soon as I learned they took down the 2009 video. They NEED an interactive specialist over there to redirect the horrible decisions they are making…but it is not going to b me…

  3. I always got a kick out of the videos that this agency put on their website. Sad. I feel secondary Austin embarrassment here.

  4. “Listen to the copywriters. I didn’t. That’s why you’re watching this video of my talking head talking about NOTHING NEW – that’s how outside the box we think.”

    Holy. Crap.

    Can there be more? Please?


    She’s the reason why all the rest of us will make money in the interactive space.

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