T3 Looks Towards the Future

I look forward to your comments on this one.

Update: Friday 1-23-09

Looks like T3 took the video down. Here’s a screen shot of one scene to prove that it did exist:

Update #2:

Someone sent us these screen shots from the video

Update #3:

I now have a copy of the now-removed-from-YouTube video…
T3 Looks Towards the Future (Part 3)

Update #4:

Adomatica’s Take on T3’s Look Towards the Future


  1. Holy crap, that is quite possibly the worst thing ever. Wait wait wait – people are going to be connected in new ways three years from now?

    Remarkable insight.

    I wonder if their clients get such valuable information from them.

  2. In 2012, people will watch video clips from agencies that say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for 2 minutes while talking the ENTIRE time.

  3. This is what happens when who have an execution shop that thinks that it is an innovative one. More troubling is the fact that no one at T3 had the balls to stand up to Gay for making an amateur hour video. The good news is that I’m sure that none of the account teams at T3 would ever produce client work that was this poorly done.

  4. Knowing the spirit of this agency, this is sad, it really sets them back. Gay is a smart woman, and T3 is capable of great work, but how this got out. It makes you wonder what they think great strategies and creative really are.

  5. OMG I just threw up a little in my mouth. This is horrid! Is this for real? Reminds me of Agency.com and their Subway pitch. How awful!

  6. These thing was really going viral until they took down the video.

    Anyone out there happen to grab any screen shots or maybe (fingers crossed) actually save the whole video?

    We can keep it anonymous if you want.

  7. In defense of some of the actual talent that is still at T3 – we did not see this until it was already on You Tube.

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