Enfatico – Is the End Near?

Here are some choice excerpts from a recent AdScam blog post:

“the fuckers are not currently paying their employee freelancers. This has been going on for months and people are quitting.”

“The douchenozzles have been reported to the Texas Workforce Commission for this practice.”

“Dell has had their lawyers serve Enfatico with breach-of- contract papers, for failing to deliver on anything they claimed they could do.”

“Holy shit, I wonder how much longer before Dell pulls the plug on this fiasco?”

Here’s the full blog post: Is Enfatico finally fucked?


  1. I hear this is total BS started by one disgruntled person. Don’t know why people want this agency to fail so badly.

  2. So they come up with this great advertising idea. WPP buys up agencies reducing the field of job openings and forcing layoffs at agencies that wouldn’t sell to WPP. My only conclusion is that some people sitting in a room had a barinfart that wreaked havok in our already small industry. The idea was not revolutionary at all. All it did was cause a bunch of creatives to get laid off, then a portion of them hired by enfatico. Which those will soon be out of jobs as well. Well done creative geniuses of our era, well done……if these are the best and brightest we are all fucked.

  3. A good friend of mine did some production freelance for Enfatico awhile back. Until just yesterday, he had been waiting at least two months for payment. He did finally get paid, but only for 3/4 of his invoices.

    I’m debating whether to contact anyone there (I know a few employees) about freelancing.

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