A Great Auto Respnding Email

“Thanks for your mail! While I process it, here are a few tips to get
your mail answered faster:

1) If you’d like to submit news to Mashable or talk to an author,
email news@mashable.com, not my personal address. PR firms, please
update your records!

2) If you’d like to talk about partnerships, advertising or events
with Mashable, contact bizdev@mashable.com, not my personal address.

3) If you have a technical issue with the website, or you’d like to
discuss general issues related to the company, email

4) If you meant to contact me, Pete Cashmore, you got it right! I’ll
get back to you soon!

You won’t receive this mail every time you contact me – only if I
haven’t heard from you in awhile.


Pete Cashmore
CEO, Mashable Inc

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