If you build it, they will tip off

So, I put the Anonymous Tip Form up and only a few minutes later I get my first submission.

Thanks to the Anonymous Tipster for this gem. If I knew who you were I’d give you a prize:

“Oh, you didn’t hear about the Springbox layoffs? Yep. There were three let go just before Thanksgiving, while office manager and girlfriend of fearless leader #2 gets paid to sit there, look pretty, plan bank-breaking parties, and enjoy fresh flowers and $30 candles on her desk every week.

Oh, and the douchebag duo’s advice to everyone else on how to help the agency cut costs? Drink two glasses of wine, instead of three. Also, they plan to move from $15 bottles of wine, to $10 bottles of wine for the agency fridge.”


  1. I’ve witnessed and can vouch for all of the above, except the part about Fearless Leader #2’s girlfriend looking pretty.

  2. If you need to get backup from here, then you don’t know anyone in the industry here in Austin.

    Ask around. You’ll get an earful, believe me.

  3. You can actually be pretty well connected in this town and not know anyone at Springbox. It’s not exactly the epicenter of Austin’s interactive world.

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