Southwest Airlines Sings Happy Birthday

They asked everyone to close their window shades, cut off their over-head lights, and turn on their call buttons…so that the whole plane could sing “Happy Birthday” to my daughter. Oh, and there was also a cake made out of a toilet paper roll, stir-sticks, and plastic wing badges as well as a bag of extra snacks. Adomatica <3's Southwest Airlines.


  1. That’s fantastic! It’s that kind of service that will bring people back and generated great publicity (as you are doing for them).

    I had my birthday at 30K feet when flying back from China to Austin in 2001. The crew on Cathay Pacific airlines found out, all signed a birthday card (where did it come from?), came over and sang for me, and gave me a bottle of wine. I’ll never forget that.

  2. I’m so glad to hear that our Flight Crew was able to contribute to your daughter’s special day!

    Paula Berg
    Southwest Airlines

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