The Name Says It All

Ok, so not all startups are having the same luck as Bazaarvoice and HomeAway.

May I introduce you to…


“Have you ever been blindsided? … a boss give you a bad review that you never saw coming. Or more importantly, your employer tell you the companies doing great, but the next day they tell you they’re doing layoffs.

Here at, we’ve gone through this before [we won’t say which ones =)]. What we vowed is that if we had an inkling of an idea before hand, we would have been much better prepared. Not only do we provide a forum for people to write about how they feel their company is doing, but it’s a great place to see how your employer is doing.

Our goal is that with this information, you’ll be better prepared – to start brushing up your resume, start calling some friends and start seeing what other opportunities are out there. Hopefuly you won’t need to, but wouldn’t you like to know ahead of time?”

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