Five Tips for Getting to Know Clients

Thanks to Keith Ferrazzi for sending these out recently:

“Five Tips for Getting to Know Clients

1. Start your relationship by asking clients how you can help them be successful with their own businesses. Are there mutual opportunities to promote? (Kim, salesperson, Severn, Maryland)

2. Ask people to meet for breakfast early in the morning at a diner or coffee shop where you know everyone; introduce them as a new friend and then do a lot of listening. (Peter, social entrepreneur, New York City, New York)

3. When you travel to meet clients, offer to take them out for lunch or breakfast, then ask that they choose their favorite location. By sharing a real experience with each other, away from the office and in one of the client’s favorite spots, you both end up more relaxed and in a mindset to connect. (Pete, software consultant, Colorado Springs, Colorado)

4. Share a firsthand story that reveals who you are and lets them know why your business is so important to you. Clearly, this is easier if you’re passionate about your business. This tactic prepares potential clients to hear your message. (Emilee, salesperson, Olathe, Kansas, and Maxine, occupational health & safety training company manager, Edmonton, Canada)

5. Ping, ping away: Send them information, snips, clips or quotes around the areas of their interest. (Rhonda, network marketer, Sharpsburg, Georgia)”

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