Marriott Checks Out

Word on the street is that Marriott has ended or is about to end their relationship with Austin-base ad agency T3. No word as to the specific reason or the possibility of yet more layoffs, but Marriott is supposedly booking a reservation, if you will, with Continuity, an agency started by ex-T3 VP John McGarry Jr. (Please forgive me for sending you to a site that plays music and forces you to look for and find the audio off button.)


  1. I heard from a T3 employee they lost the account cause gay and lee “may have stepped on some toes” in their last meeting with them. Good to know gay can run her mouth and make people lose their jobs, wonder if she will throw another party after the new round of layoffs like last time

  2. I call bullshit on that comment about Gay “stepping on some toes.” As a former, non-disgruntled (gruntled?) employee, I do have a bit of insight, and there’s definitely more to the story: John McGarry is a former T3 employee who left a couple of years ago to start his own agency. His father’s agency, McGarry/Bowen has a large chunk of the traditional Marriott account, while T3 handled the digital. McGarry Jr. was account sup. on the Marriott account when he was with T3, the contract came up…etc.

    In other words, a lot of people saw this coming.

    I’m definitely not suggesting anything improper took place — especially with the low bar this industry has set as far as poaching each others’ accounts — but it’s ridiculous to suggest that Gay lost the account by “running her mouth.”

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