SXSWi Hates Anything Going VIral

How do you take any chance of something like say a email based trivia contest from going viral beyond your already subscribed base? Well, if you are the folks at SXSWi you open up the October trivia question for a free pass contest to just those folks who are subscribed to the SXSWi listserve. I’m subscribed, so I can enter, but I and others who like to pass things like this another via blog postings, Twitter, Facebook, etc have no need to if the contest is only open to people who can actually reply to the email from SXSWi.

“THE FINE PRINT: You must be a subscriber to the SXSW Interactive Festival listserve to win. In other words, please reply to this e-mail (and include the listserve copy in your e-mail) when providing the answer to the trivia question.”

Maybe the thought on this is that it will get people to go to and sign up for the emails? How about make the contest rules be that if you submit an answer to a trivia question, you are automatically subscribed?

If you want to grow an email list, the secret is to make it as easy as possible with as few steps as possible and people to add themselves….and don’t forget about the pass alone possibilities.

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