Who’s Got the Biggest Unit in Austin?

I just read an article at Austin.bizjournals.com about how T3 has grown and recovered after losing Dell to Enfatico. More on that later, but I need some input from other in regards to this line from the piece:

“T3, the second-largest advertising firm in Austin”

Is that true? Is T3 packing the 2nd biggest unit in the Austin Ad-firm family. I assume GSD&M is the largest and Enfatico has got to be up there. Kolar is pretty big too and nFusion has a few folks. Even LatinWorks has a good crew and SpringBox seems to be hiring a few. I know I’m leaving a few others off this list and I could easily pull out my book-of-list to check out the rankings, but I’m sure someone out there can shed some light on this.


  1. Having worked at T3 and a few other places on the list I can say that T3 is probably in second place. Idea City is (and probably always will be) the biggest in town. When I left T3 there were about 200 in Austin. I hear that it’s up to 250ish now, but that most of the growth is in San Fran and NY. As for the other places, I have some guesses (either have first hand info that’s a little old or have friends that work there).

    SpringBox: low to mid 100s (this is from before the buy out though)
    Kolar: 150ish
    LatinWorks: 100ish (before the buy out)
    Enfatico: 200ish (at most and that’s before the split with Schematic who I think they were counting as staff- still they’d probably be 3rd)
    nFusion: 100-150
    Sicola: just below 100
    McGarra: 100ish

  2. nFusion has never had more than 80 or so employees.

    That number seems high for McGarrah, too, tho I could be wrong.

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