1. Oh. My. Gawd.

    So, as an intern you got “real world experience to code some stuff” AND you were forced to dance badly on video?*

    I almost thought this was fake. But good for them.

    * I dance badly everywhere, so nyah.

  2. damn, this group of readers is about the most pathetically negative bunch of folks out there on the internet.

    all that’s missing are the token comments saying “FAKE!!!” and “your dumb!!1.”

    you’d think the folks making comments were beaten as children and forever doomed to their parent’s basement to bask in their gothic misery for all eternity.

  3. You lost me at the Bon Jovi song.

    For being coders it’s not that bad. (A little cliche but what isn’t.)

    What’s with companies having intern play time after their ‘summer of real-word experience’? Is that the reward for getting crap pay (if that) and a half a college credit? To make a video. Shame on you!

  4. Poor Laura the intern. I’m not sure how good Tocquigny looks on your resume. It’s more about the kind of looks you get from having Tocquigny on your resume. The pained expression on the interviewer’s face as they suck air through their teeth and say, “Really? Wow. Is it still as bad as everyone says?”

    Oh, and the Bon Jovi song is horrible. College-age people listen to Bon Jovi? Seriously?

  5. Wow. I think it’s sad that the intern video is the most creative thing I’ve seen from that agency…OH, and the most “interactive” in that they actually found YouTube!

  6. My fav is anonymous number 6’s comment. Perhaps he/she/it is so liberal in their typecasting because they carry that anonymous badge.

    So tough.

    And likely intern number 7 with he/she/it’s “real world” experience.

  7. Tocquigny has always been a low B, high C player in the interactive space. I find it fasicnating that they built those ‘over the top’ offices downtown in hopes that “they” would come.. they havent come.. in fact they’ve LEFT! Their talent is medocre, their creative product is completly uninspired and their fearless leader comes across as a real bitch. Countdown to next “downsizing” at Tocquigny?… t minus….

  8. Can anyone replace a copy of this video for us latecomers? After the reviews, it looks like Toc was altogether excited to have a reason to stop publishing.

  9. Worst internship I ever had – only lasted 3 weeks before I realized that sitting on the floor (literally – the senior interns got bean bags) with no computer meant jack at an interactive agency. What a complete waste.

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