Enfatico Breaks First Work – Digital Nomads

I have not seen confirmation that this is actually Enfatcio’s doing (Dell has a really strong in-house team that I know could do this without agency help.) but I give you:

Digital Nomads

I like the site and they’ve also incorporated Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

About Digital Nomads from the site:

“Digital Nomads is a community site for individuals that work or play without regard for their physical location. It is a place where they can come together to read about other digital nomads, share ideas, tips and tricks, and best practices, and read the latest nomad-oriented news. Digital Nomads live a lifestyle where their laptop and other electronic devices create the center of their office and/or play-space. Digital Nomads is Powered By Dell.”

I don’t have any plans do another spoof site like Enfartico, but Digital Gonads might make a good name if anyone else out there is thinking about it.



Dell launches an online space for ‘digital nomads’


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