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A Communications Intern over at R/GA sent this to me yesterday:

“Nokia and MTV are working together on a documentary covering the 2008 Cannes Young Lions Film Competition. This year’s Young Lions brief: “Produce a 60 second viral video showing kids having fun while having a low impact on the environment, NO EXPLICIT ENVIRONMENTAL MESSAGE.”

Each of the Young Lions teams, representing 26 countries, was followed throughout the competition. The resulting videos (all 26 of them), which include each team’s final film, are available on YouTube. The four teams whose videos get the most views will be used for the Nokia/MTV documentary. Currently, Team USA, comprised of David Brown of R/GA and Jeremy Diessner from McCann/T.A.G. San Francisco, is in second place with about 2,170 views. Team Brazil is in the lead with almost 2,700.

U.S. ad enthusiasts, let’s band together and put Team USA on top! For those who just want to watch Team USA’s clever youth-driven, eco-friendly final film, fast forward the video to 4:06.

Watch Team USA:

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