J. Crew Apologizes (but is still wrong)

Dear J. Crew-

Thanks for the apology. I really appreciate the gesture, but I actually have a few bones to pick with you after getting this email:

1. I have not shopped J. Crew online or by phone over the last few weeks.

2. You should know the fact I just stated in point number one.

3. The disconnect stated by the combination of points one and two caused you to send out an email to many people who did not need to know that you were having any problems.

4. I am now concerned that you are not at the levels I thought you were as far as your online presence and customer center levels.

5. Maybe this is just a sneaky way for you to get people to check to see if some major update has been made to your website and, if so, well played my khaki pant pushing friend…well played.


  1. Um, is their shift key broken? 😐

    I vote for #5. They can’t be doing well. They need all the attention that they can get!


  2. I agree and I received this random email as well! I haven’t shopped online or via telephone with JCrew, I don’t want to check out their site and now I just think they need to fire their marketing and PR folks.

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