Downtown Austin needs more Cheetos and Mountain Dew

This is a bit off topic, but a recent “Sound Off” piece in the Austin Business Journal asked the question “What does downtown Austin need?” McGarrah Jessee’s (Austin Ad Agency) Director of Account Services, Britton Upham, said that Austin needs “a center stage”. Think “Mexico City, Paris, or Washington, D.C.” Britton, you forget that the Texas State Capital building in actually larger/taller then the U.S. Capital building and that the reason you find downtown (or at least MC-J’s area of downtown) so grey is that the Frost Bank Tower is casting a shadow on your office for at least half the day.

Then, Kain Shin, a programmer at Red Fly Studio, answered from the heart and I think his take on downtown’s need for real shopping – that is walkable was dead on. “What Austin needs is a giant multilevel entertainment center with a grocery store at the bottom , so people who live in downtown can just go to the grocery store on the ground floor for daily needs, such as Cheetos and Mountain Dew.” Kain, my brother-in-law is a programmer at a game development company and has shared with me his woes of trying to find Diet Mountain Dew, so I understand your pain.

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  1. Did you just say “diet?” Man, your bro-in-law needs some help. Cause tha-Dew without azucar is a sad thing.

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