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  1. PowerReviews has a fascinating business model.

    They provide the tools for merchants to collect reviews for free (integration issues aside) on their e-commerce sites.

    Then they aggregate the reviews collected into their own review search site (CSE).

    Then they sell that traffic back to their merchants from that site.

    At least this is how they were doing it – and it’s quite clever, IMO.

    While both companies are similar in some offerings, they are clearly not trying to *be* each other. Which is good. The winner will be the company that makes the UGC/reviews as useful as possible to shoppers (and manufacturers/merchants). Review data is only as good as its organization and accessibility. 1000 reviews on one product are not that useful unless they can be sorted and tagged and organized in a way that makes sense for that particular kind of product and its features. This is no easy task, as you know. 🙂

    It’s been fun watching both companies build their products. The company blogs are in their own category in my feedreader. 🙂


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