Ad Agency Springbox’s Secret Handshake

While at a lunch meeting today, I was lucky enough to witness three Springbox (Austin-based interactive advertising agency) employees as they greeted each other using their secret handshake. That’s right, their secret handshake was the “punch-it-out”, which is usually only seen in Nascar and bass-fishing circles. I expected more from these interactive gurus, but I guess no one is perfect. I wonder if they’ll share their handshake with Dell, when Dell stops by to give them more new work?

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  1. To be accurate stalk-o-matica, it’s called “blowing it up.” Believe it or not, its also a popular gesture used within the twentysomethings and college crowd…and if an ad agency isn’t aware of those tidbits, then there’s lots of learning to catch up on.

    While your abundant knowledge of NASCAR and Bass fishing peer-to-peer interaction is truly insightful (and I’m sure is great knowledge to throw around at your business chats), I’m afraid over time you’ve been a little sheltered. It’s good to know people are out in the world learning and observing. Good luck my friend.

  2. "Blowing it up" is what a college kid or 20something does…"punching-it-out" was what I saw three 30somethings doing. Don't knock Nascar and Bass fishing…I bet they are both on GSD&M's radar screen

  3. I thought it was called the terrorist bump, or the Obama bump depending on which camp you are from. I’m from the unBush camp, so blowed up is fine with me too. But it’s disrespectful to our troops and therefore unAmerican. So let’s just call it “tha bump.”

    K O Spanky?

  4. Drop by the Conjunctured space sometime and I’ll show you how the 3.0 twentysomethings do it. I think I just made up a term for us. L4M3.

    Saw you were at SummerMash. I was the guy up on stage, giving out coworking passes. Sad we didn’t meet. We should talk Austin ad scene some day soon.

  5. Cesar-

    Ok, so I missed two major things that night at the Mashable event:

    1. Meeting you face-to-face
    2. Getting a coworking pass

    Let’s take care of # 1 soon. What are your normal “office” hours?


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