Just the En(FACTs)icos

The facts are what I’m interested in…just the enFACTsicos. I know that it is Enfatico and not Enfactico or Enfactsico, but it makes a better title this way. I’m looking for more info, so please comment to let me know if I’m way off base here.

Possible Enfatico Facts:

1. They are staffed at <20% of their promised level.
2. They are not currently able to handle all the Dell business, so Dell business is still going to other shops.
3. They sit around, play board games and dick-around on the internet all day.
4. Dell could use the staffers that were cut internally to do the work if…they hadn’t been cut.
5. They have Adomatica on a blog-black-list.
(OK, that last one is 100% made-up)


  1. Just a thought.

    Perhaps it’s better to not produce any work for dell rather than produce shitty work for dell. As the world is watching this trainwreck occur, I anticipate my “enfatico” google alert daily. Heck, it brought me here.

    I know some good peeps who have escaped the deathtraps of Powered and Tocquigny, but I haven’t heard much about what they are “doing.” I’ll ask and report back later. Maybe they really are playing games on Macs. To research the “gaming” channel for XPS and Alienware.

    Keep up the good work duuude..

    Oh and bring on more shit about Tocquigny. As the doors continue to spin there, it is amazing to see how they are keeping the lights on in the Frost tower.

    Oh and here’s a funny note. Valarie H, who is shown on the enfanticide site as the MRG or DIR or VP of the Austin office, was once FIRED, and poorly I might add, from Tocquigny. And then, talk about turn of fate, she was working for Dell as a contractor when the whole RFP for a single agency pitch went out.

    And guess who’s retainer contract she personally shredded? Yvonne, you still listening?


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