Cool (Literally) Event Marketing Idea

From Craig’s List:

“Austin Ice Cream Truck Riders Needed!!!!! (Downtown)

Reply to:

Date: 2008-07-25, 1:02PM CDT

Handout free ice cream from the Austin Ice Cream Festival Truck!

Ride from 8pm-12am, Thursday -Saturdays downtown and around Austin handing out ice cream to promote the festival.”

“A fun ride with great tunes.

Rides going out tonight!!!!!!!!!”

Ok, so the only thing I added to this job posting was the url. The poster, obviously connected to the festival, was only thinking about getting workers to man the truck and not about how many people he or she could inform about the festival itself. I do, however, think that a truck riding around downtown handing out ice cream is a great idea. I would try to do some rides in the middle of the day though as people tend to be a bit more sober then as well.

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