Online Demographics Analyst Opening at eMarketer

Geoff Ramsey, CEO of eMarketer, just sent me this job listing:

Company: eMarketer
Job Title: Online Demographics Analyst
Company Description: eMarketer is “The First Place to Look” for research and analysis on digital marketing and media. eMarketer aggregates and analyzes research from over 3,000 sources, and brings it together in analyst reports, daily articles and the most comprehensive database of online marketing statistics in the world.

Pay Description: $85,000 or higher

Job Description: eMarketer is looking for an experienced analyst with proven business writing skills to create reports, articles and other content, including projections, focused on demographics as they relate to digital marketing. You will be writing for a business audience interested in online advertising and marketing.

As an online demographics analyst, you will analyze Internet users and their usage across industry sectors and digital ad formats, looking at key demographics such as age, gender, income, life-stage, race and other categories.

Key responsibilities include:
• Create textual analysis, in report form, using eMarketer’s methodology, (which includes: examining data from a wide variety of sources, comparing the data and explaining your position on all the issues covered
* Generate numerical forecasts, based on available data, and explaining the thinking behind them
• Work with an editor to prioritize coverage and determine best format for each deliverable, such as analyst reports, Webinars and articles

Please send, or have candidates send, resumes directly to Kris Oser at


  1. OOOOOOh, what a cool position! Challenging, but seriously cool. Love this stuff.

    Do you know where eMarketer is located?


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