Link List ilLumination #1 – Adam Salamon

I have this list of “Other Sites” in the right margin of this blog. Most have one or two words in their text link so there is not much reason for you to check them out other then the slight endorsement of them being on my blog. Link List ilLuminations will be posts where I shed a bit more light on the people, companies, and etc that are part of my link list. What better place to start then at the top…

Adam Salamon – Ideas for Passionate People

Not only is Adam a Director at user generated powerhouse Bazaarvoice, he is also a blogger who’s post tend to center on self-branding and the web 2.0 world…oh, and I consider him a friend as well.

For a quick peek, checkout Salamon Rules of Personal Branding

I know Adam is busy developing partnerships for Bazaarvoice, but I’m still looking forward to future posts and hope they start-up again soon.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Robert. I am working on a new blog/concept that will be out soon.

    More details to come…

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