Interview Hints from Bazaarvoice CMO

Sam Decker, CMO at user generated content powerhouse Bazaarvoice, recently posted “The 5 Stars of a “Rockstar” Employee” on his marketing-centric blog.

The intention of the post is to help those interviewing possible new hires, but is is just as much a hint-list of possible questions one might be asked when interviewing for a position at a company like Bazaarvoice.


  1. That’s a gem, isn’t it? I love his advice. His archives are full of tons of other gems, too.

    Laura 🙂

  2. Here’s a hint for interviewing at BazaarVoice: take the power stick away from your director of “people” operations and give her a valum. She will scare the daylights out of any hopeful employees. I suppose this tact is to see how you would react to working there – which is more of a scary person? Finally – compulsive hiring after VC funding? What about investing in the future?

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