San Antonio Replacement Windows – Just a quick SEO test

So, I’m at the SEM for SMB conference today and currently sitting in the end-of-day panel discussion. They are talking about a site they launched about 12 hours ago and how it is already getting high listing on Google. I’m going to test something out here so here goes:

San Antonio Replacement Windows

My issue with this “display of great SEO power” is that it is not really that big of a deal.

We’ll see what Google thinks about this post and my test page.


  1. 42 minutes later and I get the first google alert…not for the page, but for this blog post…awesome.

  2. 8:08 pm – A Google search for “San Antonio Replacement Windows” brings up my blog post in the 8th natural spot and there site is not on the front page 🙂

  3. 7:00 am – A Google search for san antonio replacement windows brings up this blog post at 8th spot and the page I created yesterday afternoon is on page 3. Still not seeing their page on the front page…or actually not even on page 2 or 3.

  4. well done on this one, Robert. And hey, the good news is that you’ve moved up to #5 as of 12 August. Heck, if this online marketing stuff doesn’t pan out, you can always make millions doing the window thing down south, eh? Oh wait, that keyword has no traffic you say? Danged long tail strikes again!!!!

    Anyway, fun stuff, and glad you did it!

  5. Hey Bill, just read your comments – funny!

    Oh on a different note – how’s it going getting all those .edu backlinks to your apogee site from your exciting scholarship program – see its helping you stay afloat at the top of google!

    Can’t wait to see if i win it this year!

    Perhaps when I graduate I will do the same for my SEM company too.

    Ahh the power of .edu backlinks.

    “Anyway, fun stuff, and glad you did it!”

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