Advertising on the side of a building is not new…

…but the way it is implemented is. Buildings make great billboards. They always have and they will continue to, but the methods by which this media is used has evolved. Pre-glass facade buildings were typically painted on or, more recently, some type of banner (cloth or vinyl) would be draped on the building.

Today’s building advertisements are a bit more high-tech. We’ve all send the “jumbo-tron” type displays on Time Square, but the latest trend that I find the most interesting is the building wrap. These mostly transparent, apparently easy to apply, and actually energy saving wraps are popping up all over the place. You may have seen them used on a smaller scale before in the form of car wraps. This building wrap in downtown Austin is part of Jet Blue‘s “Are you a Jetter?” campaign. The building actually looks a ton better with this wrap on it. I wonder if the folks across that street at Third Rail Creative like the change of scenery? (They have my vote for coolest office entrance in Austin…but that’s a topic for another post.)


  1. Thanks for the shout out! For those that don’t know, Third Rail Creative bases our name on the high-voltage rail that powers subway trains, which is why our storefront and signage is designed to look like a subway station.

    We do get a lot of people stopping by to find out what exactly we do and tell us they like our place. Many even come by to try to purchase tickets to the Metro. Yes, really.

    Thanks again!

    Third Rail Creative

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