Enfatico gets a bit fatter…eats Danish ADPeople

No, Danish AdPeople is not a tasty cream cheese pastry item, it’s a company “focused on international customer service and creative combined with IT systems and design studio services.”

Adam Schaeffer, an Efatico spokesperson based in Austin, had this to say about the deal: “ADPeople is already doing a considerable amount of work for Dell so their familiarity with Enfatico’s first client is a significant plus. Additionally, the agency offers a number of cost-effective catalog production, printing and branding capabilities that Enfatico can tap agency-wide. Lastly, ADPeople offers some compelling, proprietary analytics technologies.”

The story as reported by DM News:
Enfatico, WPP’s Dell agency, acquires ADPeople


  1. Robert,

    Sufferin’ suffixes. I have no problem with Enfatico except for one thing:


    Doesn’t anybody over there have a major problem with this spelling slash structure!?

    Call me a nerd, and I know the word is made up, but the suffix is all out of whack with the root. Unless they’re just going for a totally zany and meaningless word.

    Based on the description, the suffix they seem to be going for is “-lytic”.

    So it should be “Enfatilytics,” right? To tie the name to anaLYTICS.

    But Enfatylitics??? Weird. Unless the NEW new name is Enfatyco, I guess.

    Funny thing is, the description of Enfatylitics on their own web site uses the word “analytics.” Even Torrence Boone uses the phrase “analytics-based” in the press release attached to this post. I don’t see that spelled “anylitics,” do you?

    Anyway, pet issue. It makes ya wonder how they came up with that. And how long before they “correct” it. It won’t matter to most, but it’s sure to jar sharper minds.

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