Taking Shoes off at Airport? Think Zappos

I was coming back home after a weekend trip and was making my way through airport security when I got to the point where I needed to take the laptop out of the bag and kick off my shoes and ,low-and-behold, there was a Zappos ad in the bottom of the bin.

What a great idea! I’m sitting there holding my old running shoes, thinking that I should get new ones, and there’s an ad for a great online shoe store.

That’s a targeted ad if there ever one was. Zappos is not one to shy away from different marketing methods. I blogged back in March about Zappos handing out ponchos on a rainy day in Austin during SXSW.


  1. Found your blog on accident. Have to say, I hate those ads in the bins. First we face the indignity of practically being strip-searched and walking barefoot on a filthy airport floor, now I have to look at ads while I do it? It’s insulting. Shame on Zappos.

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