Bazaarvoice Spreads User Content and Leprosy

Yes, you read that correctly. The user generated content wizards over at Bazaarvoice might have done a bit of leprosy spreading last week when they had guests of their summit take part in “armadillo races”. I think the most appalling example can be seen in this video of word of mouth guru Andy Sernovitz “racing” the possibly infected beasts:


  1. I want to make sure that everyone knows this post is a joke. Well at least the part about Bazaarvoice wanting to spread leprosy. No one would do that on purpose. It looks like Bazaarvoice “subjected” attendees of their summit to an evening out at the Salt Lick which includes armadillo races, mechanical bull riding, lots of great BBQ and possibly a fake cowboy gun-fight….please tell me that you did not do the gun-fight. (My previous employer held a similar event at the Salt Like last year…the gun-fight was the only dull part of the night.)

  2. Hi, Robert,
    As far as we know, no leprosy was spread. And no, we did not have a fake (or real) gun fight. We did, however, have a mechanical bull, which was great fun.
    Thanks, Leigh Choate, Bazaarvoice

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