Project Da Vinci Renaming Contest

It’s been pointed out to me that the folks at WPP/Dell’s Project Da Vinci have not yet made the final decision to rename themselves Synachy Worldwide just yet. I see this as a great opportunity for us to give them some better ideas. Come on, is Synachy really the best they could come up with?

Simply comment your idea(s) and we’ll crown a winner sometimes next week.

Here are mine:

Technicolor Love Den

Oh, and Happy Friday!

** Update Thursday 5/22/08 – There is now a poll so you can cast your vote for Project Da Vinci’s new name – you should see the poll to the right – Voting closes Thursday 5/29 at 12 noon **


  1. Guys…
    Because everything these days has to be 2.0… Although we now have “Agency 3.0” a pathetic fucking attempt at being “Ahead of the curve.” Surely, we have to go with something like…
    As a Rock Star – Change Artist… I believe this would be the “Best-of-breed”… Bleeding edge Solution.” I have a two hundred slide Power Point presentation prepared by Landor for a couple of million to prove it.

  2. You should a poll to the right…please cast your vote for the new name of Project Da Vinci….poll closes next Thursday @ 12 noon.

    (I shouldn;t have to tell you this, but if you can not see the poll, then refresh your browser.)

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