Worst Ad Agency in Austin Award 2008 – "Winner"

So, the ~winners~ of The Worst Ad Agency to Work for in Austin Award 2008 are…..

1st – Tocquigny
2nd – T3
3rd – GSD&M / The Idea City

Worst Agency post and comments

Stay tuned for the evil twin of this award, The Best Ad Agency to Work for in Austin Award 2008!

~~ UPDATE: Best Ad Agency to Work For Award 2008 ~~

Sidenote, at least ValleyWag likes Tocquigny’s office space.


  1. Come on, this can’t possible be “the stupidest thing” you’ve “ever seen.”

    I agree it was a bit of a lame idea, but come on…

  2. I am not sure this does much for any of the agencies in Austin.
    We’ve all had our ups and downs.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t believe in jumping on every opportunity to stomp on the agency next door. I am proud to be part of the advertising community in Austin and I support the other agencies, even when they are in the midst of a layoff, or a multiple account loss, or whatever the case may be.

  3. Agreed, this does not really do any agency good, but it might be a tipping point for someone picking between a few agencies to work for.

    Also, I’m not really sure how letting people air their issues with various agencies is “stomping” on them.

    and, finally, as I recently told my PR Exec friend at a local agnecy…”I’m happy to post any and all good news you want to send me.”

    I will launch “the best award” next week and wonder if it will get as much traction as this “the worst” did.

  4. Okay please. No whining! It is good to have your eyes opened before you go in for an interview at Tocquigny. That 90% of everything they say is a lie. From the salary reviews to the salary they negotiate you down on, to the fact that they don’t pay for your downtown parking for gosh sake.

    Then there is the lying that was beautifully exposed in the posts. 1. They lie to their future and current employees; 2. They lie to their clients about the number of staff and paying accounts (even dressing up empty cubes with open notebooks and post-its, as if someone was sitting there); 3. They lie to the ad press to jokingly support their #2 (or something) ranking as an interactive agency for some Ad rag. Yeah, right.

    They claim some massive number of employees, that at last count was around 22, and try and dress up the office as if they had 100. They present long past clients as “current.”

    There are a couple of great people there holding some semblance of team together, but their team keeps quitting.

    Well done Tocquigny. Well done! Congrats!

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