"Bomb Threat" Ad Exec Exclusive…coming soon!

So, earlier today I got a couple of emails from someone claiming to be Rosalinda Baez, the ad exec who allegedly claimed to have a bomb in her bag causing JetBlue to have to land the plane a bit early. I figured it was an impostor, so I had her contact me via her LinkedIn profile and low-and-behold it was the real Rosalinda.

The “truth and real story” are expected soon and I also hope to give you all an update as to what Rosalinda has been up to since the incident.


  1. ok, so please be patient with me as this one develops. I have a feeling that something will come out in regards to this whole thing really soon…

  2. Ok folks, so there will be no update on this. I guess it is old news anyway. Rosalinda is not at liberty to discuss this and thinks no one cares anymore…she may be right.

    Best of Luck Rosalinda!

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