Worst Ad Agency in Austin Award 2008

Ok readers, you’ve all seen the best of lists, the top ten lists, and all the others but, while those are all good, here’s something a bit different:

**The Worst Ad Agency to Work for in Austin Award 2008**

Cast your vote by posting a comment and make sure to share why you feel the way you do.

Vote early and often….We’ll crown a ~winner~ on Friday May 9th, 2008.


  1. That’s easy!!! Tocquigny.

    I’m not sure where to begin, maybe it’s the lying they do to the press resulting in #2 interactive agency status or the management practices of Yvonne and team, but this agency is definitely worst of Austin.

    With the largest, and ever-growning network of ex-employees of any other ad agency in town, there are probably countless other reasons they are worst of the worst if you ask any one of them.

  2. Tocquigny or T3?

    Tough call…both run by women with out of control egos.

    Tocquigny lied about their revenue numbers to get on the Ad Week Top 50 Interactive list.

    T3 resigns the Dell business and then tells people who want to work anywhere else in town that they can’t leave to work on Dell business or at an agency that ever worked on Dell.

    Tiebreaker goes to T3 for calling a long time employee while on vacation out of the country to tell them that they’ve been laid off.

  3. Tocquigny. Terrible management. Even more terrible ethics. ‘Revolving door’ is an understatement… the most tenured employee besides Yvonne has been there how long? 2 years?

  4. And the runner up is T3! For worst in business intellegence and completely underqualified management. I give them the humpty dumpty award for impeccable talent recruitment left to the hands of locally supressive owners and HR who worship….well cows?

  5. No doubt T3. The Thinkless Tank. Amazingly irrational business decisions. On the dot with a car driven by clowns on crack.

  6. Out of control egos, but no mention of Roy Spence and company? GSDM does not get much love from the (legions) of ex-employees.

  7. I work at T3 and it’s an incredible place to work. I definitely understand the negative comments stemming from the recent layoff because of the Dell business but if the agency could have made a spot for every single person that worked on the Dell account, they would have.

  8. Tocquigny

    Ever the masters of deception. Asking family and friends to fill the empty desks during client tours or fake phone interviews with notable industry publications, nothing is out of bounds for Tocquigny.

  9. I have very conflicting feelings on this, but i do think T3 is way up there on the worst of list.
    They have not handled the loss of Dell well, from a staffing approach or a personal approach. No mention of the layoffs while Gay throws wads of cash at her own birthday party, the PR machine shoving more “babies at work” stories to the local media instead of addressing the relevant issues around the business.
    Plus it’s just in poor taste to lay off half your Dell team while Dell is still paying you to have bodies filling those spots. I guess you’ve gotta do whatever it takes to pay for all those houses, a ranch, a few estates, tons of cars and lots of botox.

  10. No question. Tocquigny is the worst. The steady departure of staff is the best “measured approach” of all. And yet the don’t think they have a turnover problem? It is crippling.

  11. T3 might as well stand for The Torture Tank. T3 is a dead end.

    No matter how much sweat, time, and hard work an employee contributes. It’s only a matter of time before the established management removes the hard working, young, threatening creative(s).

    The HR Dept at T3 is an administrative body which just operates as an extension of the owner(s). Do not fall prey to their bribery…

    A living nightmare, T3 was carefully constructed to torture, manipulate and bleed young creatives dry of their talent.

  12. There are some real fine folks working over at T3 and the comments on this board do not reflect the true nature of the familial feeling one gets when working there. The agency continues to put out quality work in a challenging environment and that’s a credit to T3’s number one asset, their people.

  13. I just stumbled across this, so I know my response is way late… but the worst ad agency is definitely Tocquigny. I started off my design “career” at Tocquigny as an intern back in mid 90s, then was hired on after graduation. Thankfully the Universe layed me off in downsizing and took me out of the frying pan in 1998. I don’t know how she is now, but Yvonne was a total mean psycho back then. I never fully recovered from the bad taste for the design industry after my Tocquigny experience, and after many years of freelancing phased myself out of design. Was I award-winning? No, I was average but with some talent. I truly think that if I would have started my design career in a nuturing “normal” agency (if there is such a thing), I’d still be doing design today. Am I victim? It may sound like it from this post, but I’m really not. I pursu my fine art and take an occassional desing project from time-to-time and am happy as a clam. But Tocquigny truly was a horrible experience!!!

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