Bomb Threat Ad Exec has Austin Tie?

I got this note from a reader last night:

Rosalinda Baez who was arrested for making a false bomb threat at JFK on Monday currently works at Schematic in NY and used to work at Tocquigny a couple of years ago. She claims to be a web consultant for Dell, but that is a lie.”

If you haven’t heard about Rosalinda’s little arrest-worthy remarks check these articles out:

JetBlue Bomb Scare’s Rosalinda Baez May be Agency Exec

Jail her for air scare, passenger fumes
Bomb remark lands executive in cuffs


  1. What a maroon. She should be fined for the extra gas used (takeoff and landing) and pay and hourly fee to every passenger.

  2. how bored are you with your life? seriously…

    this is exactly why the world is in the state it’s in. Rather than getting the FACTS, people want to create gossipy, bullsh*t to help distract from the sad state of their own lives.

  3. Those last two comments looks awfully
    alike….and, you know what, my life is not boring at all, I actually have to go out of my way to make time to post, but thankfully, agencies and/or their employees are always doing something to help me create some new content.

    Also, if you really feel strongly about the “gossipy bullsh*t” please email directly (robert at and give me the real scoop on the bomb scare and anything else I’ve posted here.

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