Adomatica Accepts Buyout Offer from Gawker

Late last night we received a buyout offer for Adomatica even though we were not yet on the market and frankly don’t yet generate much traffic. You’re asking yourself, self, who would want to buy Adomatica? Well, the answer is the fine folks at Gawker Media. They are telling me that Owen Thomas at Valley Wag just can’t get enough Adomatica and figured the only way he could be sure to continue to get heaping helpings of our funnies is by making sure we are financially backed. Now you are asking yourself, self, what does this mean for Adomatica and my daily dose of funnies? Well, fear not, Adomatica will continue to post useless drivel just like the rest of the Gawker stable, but now we’ll just have cooler looking banner ads.

Side note…only minutes after inking the deal with Gawker, we received an offer from Michael Arrington at TechCrunch. Sorry Michael…I wish I had better news for you on April Fools Day.


  1. Special thanks to my dad, my wife, and Myles Rose (SpringBox) for telling me this post was funny. It was obviously an April Fools Day joke. It didn’t get the traction I had hoped, but I originally started this blog to amuse myself, so this post succeeded at that.

  2. Robert, I followed this in from Twitter w/o paying attention to the date. You got me, just a little late. 😉

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