Need $1899 (for Cancer Research)

Here’s the deal:
1. I’m trying to raise $4000 for cancer research and patient services.
2. I’m doing so by running the San Diego marathon in June.
3. I’m training and running as part of Team in Training.
4. I’m currently $1899 short.

This is where you come into play. Make a donation to my fund-raising effort and I will, in turn, post about your company, your blog, pretty much whatever you would like within reason*. Once you make a donation, please send me an email (robert at adomatica . com) to let me know the company or blog or whatever you want me to post about.

More info and the online donation form can be found here:
Robert Gilbreath’s Marathon Info and Donation Website

* within reason means no porn, nothing I am morally opposed to, and I can refuse your requested site/blog/topic if I feel I have a valid reason to. That being said, I’m sure I can post something that, along with the great feeling of helping those battling cancer, you’ll be happy with.

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