"Personality Not Included" Interview

I first saw Rohit Bhargava speak last October at the Texas eMarketing Summit. He gave a presentation titled “10 truths of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World”. At the time, I was roughly a month into this blog and I thought to myself that Rohit would be someone who I would love to interview. Well, I recently got my chance as part of Rohit’s book (“Personality Not Included”) launch.

Adomatica: What are the top three take-aways for someone reading PNI?
Rohit: I would say the top three takeaways are: 1. Personality matters 2. Being faceless doesn’t work anymore 3. There is a way to use personality to humanize your brand, and the book is the guide on how to do it.

Adomatica: How do you define personality as it pertains to a company?
Rohit: The definition for personality I share in the book is “personality is the unique, authentic and talkable soul of your brand that people can get passionate about.”

Adomatica: Who are some companies you think have great personalities?
Rohit: It’s tough to just choose a few, but I would say some examples in the book that I think are interesting are Trader Joes, Innocent Drinks (from the UK) and Timbuk2.

Adomatica: Where does blogging, social marketing, and web 2.0/3.0 fit into a company’s personality?
Rohit: These are very important elements and I have included them throughout PNI as tools to help you bring your personality to life. They are very closely linked.

Adomatica: How did you get into blogging? i.e what was the situation? When? Why?
Rohit: I actually just thought it would be a great place to share some ideas that I had but that were not specific to a particular client project. When I first started my blog, I actually thought I would be writing about user interface design, but then I thought it would be better to keep it more broad to marketing. I was right.

Adomatica: Thanks Rohit

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