Feedback and Da Vinci Questions

This note just came in via email:

“hey there, i like checking in with your blog. i think there needs to be more agency gossip. keep up the good work.

say, do you know when this davinci behemoth is opening it’s doors? also, do you know if there is central site for hiring? i’m looking for a position in media and i can’t find anything on the wpp site and listings i’ve seen on job sites are for project managers and such. i’d imagine they’ll be hiring for all positions, right?

anyway, dig the blog and thanks! V”

V- Thanks for the nice feedback. Happy to hear that not everyone thinks my blog is in poor taste. I’ve heard that media positions will not be available in Austin as WPP plans to keep those spots in NY. Something about keeping all those current/deep ties alive and not try to rebuild relationships.

Readers- Anybody know anything about where to see/apply for Da Vinci job openings? Please post via a comment.

Thanks and happy Thursday to all.


  1. An email to the above address got this canned reply:

    “Thank you for contacting WPP. We appreciate your interest in Project D.
    Please know that we will review and retain your information. Should your
    background be a fit for an opportunity at Project D, a member of our team
    will contact you directly.”

    and when I asked about a job opening list I got this reply:

    “Thank you for your interest in Project DaVinci. We would kindly appreciate if you could please forward us your resume. We will then forward it to one of our representatives and they would be able to better assist you.

    Thank you,

    Project DaVinci”

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