Directions to Da Vinci

We’ve cracked the code and are releasing the location of Dell/WPP Da Vinci’s Austin Office!
Their office will be located in the newly remodeled Capital Tower at 206 E. Ninth Street – downtown Austin.

Here are special directions for all you planning on jumping from your current ship (or being made to or already made to walk the plank):

nFusion – Go from working for an agency run by some ex-Dell folks to an agency run by some Dell folks.

GSD&M – I bet you lushes can’t get from west 6th to east 9th without stopping at Key Bar, Donn’s Depot, or Molotov lounge so these directions attempt to route you three blocks north of the bars on west 6th.

T3 – WARNING…these directions take you directly to Da Vinci. Considering that you might get sued for working for Da Vinci or Dell, I suggest you take an alternate route and enter the building from the back to shake anyone that might be tailing you.

Airport – ok, so I know there are a few ad folks from outside of Austin that might want to work for a WPP shop based here. I have two things to say to you: 1. These directions swing you around east Austin, but, by all means, take a more direct route to get a taste of the ‘other Austin’. 2. Stay the hell out of Austin…unless you are in search marketing…then come to Austin and I’ll talk to you once you’re here or the layoffs happen.


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