SXSW – Art of Self-Branding

Just sat through “The Art of Self-Branding” presentation by Lea Alcantara of

Some take-aways (sorry not much here as the presentation was only 30 minutes long):

1. Branding company is different from branding a person because you have little to no restrictions, your own brand is very subjective, and it is organic
2. Lea shared a carton – marketing vs pr vs advertising vs branding – I’ll have to locate and post here later.
3. Relevance – do you make sense
4. Creative brand/design – not just about logo- does your look match? – sum of all parts
5. Message communication – how are you putting your message out there?
6. Understanding customer / target is key – Can you answer the question of who is your customer/target?
7. Consistency – message, look, and feel across all media/channels must be consistant

She used Wesabe vs Mint as nice guy vs. guy’s guy to show what Wesabe has done wrong and Mint has done right. Mint is a year younger and has 110K more users and ~6K more hits a month.

So, overall, nothing much new shared during Lea’s presentation. Q&A is actually brining up a few interesting points.

If you are interested in learning more about self-branding, checkout Creating Your Name Brand by Adam Salamon.

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