Bazaarvoice vs. Powerreviews

User generated content (UGC) is a hot topic right now and the two hottest companies in the product review arena are Bazaarvoice and Powerreviews. I’m going to email my contacts at both companies asking them to comment on this post. I want to know why their review system(s) is(are) the most innovative, why their revenue model and fee schedule is the correct one, why an online retailer would want to sign with them…basically I want to know why they are the best. Also, I’d like them to state their name and position in their comment.


  1. Robert –

    I really appreciate your enthusiasm in this regard and the dozens of inquires you have made to many within our company in hopes that we would find time to participate in your blog bake-off.

    I am sorry to have to disappoint on this end but my top priority right now is responding to the hundreds of leads we have generated through our recent trade show efforts, the publication of our Merchant and Customer Perspectives on Reviews White Paper as well as all the interest generated by this month’s cover of Internet Retailer Magazine.

    Managing this enormous interest by retailers in our service (which grows larger each week!)combined with the monthly launches of dozens of new retail partners, prohibits us from participating in this effort at this time.


    Jay Shaffer
    VP Sales and Marketing

    PS. Thanks for the blog shout-out!

  2. Jay-

    Thanks for taking the time to at least let me know why you guys had not commented.

    I know you are in marketing as you turned the two emails I sent to my PowerReviews contacts into “dozens of inquires”.

    You’ve had your chance, so now we’ll see if the Bazaarvoice folks want to share their story.


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