McGarrah Jessee – A SEO Test

McGarrah Jessee is an Austin-based advertising agency founded by ex-GSD&Mers Mark McGarrah and Bryan Jessee back in 1996. The point of this post is not to give McGarrah Jessee any extra link juice, but it is to test how well the post will be viewed by Google. The last post I made regarding McGarrah Jessee’s recent new business win is coming up in 11th place. It might as well not exist. We’ll see if this one does better and how quickly it gets indexed.


  1. ok, so a quick Google search this morning for McGarrah Jessee puts my old post at #8 and this post at #18.

    #8 is good enough for me as far as this test goes.

    Now we’ll see if it gets any extra traffic and if that drives it up a bit.

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