You(Tube) Can’t Touch This

MC Hammer is the front man of a group launching The site, which will be going up against YouTube, will allow people to submit dance videos that will then be judged by viewers. DanceJam hopes to cash in on the ever growing Internet advertising market, a market that is expected to bring in about $27.5 billion in ’08. Hammer’s new posse consists of CEO Geoffrey Arone and CTO Anthony Young. Hopefully these guys won’t milk Stanley (Hammer’s real first name) for all he is worth. Wait, he’s not worth much anymore since he filed bankruptcy in the late ’90s after going over $14 million in debt partly due to his free-loading posse at the time. MC will be acting as Chief Strategy Officer and has promised to never wear those over sized Hammer pants again.

I think it will be tough for to pull much traffic from YouTube, but as he said, Hammer is too legit to quit.

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