Got to Love Creatives – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I posted “Got to Love Creatives“. The post was in regards to an ad I had seen in a local fashion/entertainment/shopping magazine. Well, about a week later, someone over at nFusion was not too happy about the ad and they took the time to figure out that the “creative mind” behind the ad was Austin-based freelance photographer Matthew Mahon. I know it was Matt because he commented to my original post within hours of the nFusion bigwig ~finding~ it.

“I am a freelance photographer here in Austin and I am the “creative mind” behind this image and ad. I have “NO BEEF” with nFusion at all. I enjoy working with them very much. As a matter of fact any time I shoot for them they pay me well, feed me breakfast tacos and treat me with the loving tenderness of a lioness. What would “THE BEEF” be about ?? The ad was meant to be funny about being at work in a city that is so known for its outdoor and physical prowess, and not a slight at nFusion…”

I guess you’ve got to love VPs too.

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