Inspiring Office Spaces

I’ve worked in a cube farm, a basement with few windows, a kitchen, a cube farm where my cube wall was actually up against a window, and a semi-open office with folding tables. While at all those places, I always said that the physical work environment didn’t matter, that I didn’t need a fancy desk or a cool office to do good work. My opinion was so strong on the subject that I actually took pride in the poor environments that I worked in. I’ve recently came on board wth Adlucent, located in Austin, and I must say that the modern and clean design of our office spaces along with the connecting outside space has already got me singing a different tune about physical work environments. The fact is, depending on the type and industry of the company, the work environment can be very important.

I set out a few days ago to gather up images of cool office spaces. Thankfully, there are several sites/blogs that cover cool and inspiring office spaces and they basically made the “gathering” very easy for me.

These, in my opinion, show some great spaces:
Office Snapshots – a collection of web/tech offices and some others
10 seriously cool workplaces – as the name implies, 10 cool workplaces
Inspiring Workplaces – >150 snapshots of inspiring workplaces
Office Design Gallery – “Inspiration from the best of office design”

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