Ferrazzi on Facebook

This recent email note sent out by Keith Ferrazzi, author the book Never Eat Alone, speaks to social networking and doing a bit of homework before you meet with new people:

“While there’s no substitute for a warm smile, firm handshake and face-to-face conversation, social networking sites such as Facebook can be useful tools for building relationships. They are great for finding and reconnecting with friends – and they give you easy access to all their friends. The sites can also be direct leads for business deals and new hires. An old friend recently e-mailed me on Facebook just when I needed help and now we are working on an exciting small project together. Social networking sites can also serve as valuable research tools. Profiles have photos and list job history, activities, favorite things, etc. I always advocate doing your homework before meeting new people, and what a great way to figure out personal holiday presents for clients and co-workers. If you want to know what music I’m listening to, find out what workout places I recommend and see some recent photos of me with a certain presidential candidate, please check out my profile on Facebook. Once you have a profile, type my name into the search box and then add me as your friend. Let’s connect!” *To join Keith’s blog conversation around this tip, click here.

Keith makes a good point. Use the technology in a manner that makes the face-to-face interactions easier. Makes me think back to this post…

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