Are You Happy? – a one act play

(The following is loosely based on actual events)

A recruiter walks up to a group of interactive marketeers at an association party.

Recruiter: Who are you with?
Marketeer 1: Client Company C
Marketeer 2: I’m with Client Company C too
Marketeer 3: I’m with Online Marketing Agency A
Recruiter: Are you happy?
Marketeer 1, 2 , and 3 simultaneously choke on their drinks.
Marketeer 3: What?
Marketeer 2: (pointing to Marketeer 1) You know we’re actually a client of yours?
Marketeer 1: hehehaha
Recruiter: I know, but I’m very happy at Interactive Marketing Agency S and I’m their recruiter, so I want you to be happy with your job and company too.

The curtain slowly closes as they all exchange business cards.

My question, after seeing this play, is whether or not there really is an unwritten rule regarding agencies stealing each other’s employees?

A recent article in the Austin American Statesman (article found here) had this to say:
Adam Butler, a co-founder of Austin agency the Butler Bros., said there is an unwritten rule in the ad business to not steal other agency’s employees”

Maybe it is OK to steal a client’s employees or maybe the shortage of really good interactive marketeers is changing the unwritten rules.

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