Got to Love Creatives

So, the concept of this ad found in an Austin fashion and entertainment magazine is simple. It’s a image of a worker feeling trapped in his 9 to 5 job. The copy reassures him that his gym will be open when he gets out a.k.a. gets off for the night and he will be able to workout his stress away. How sad is it to be trapped in such a place? How horrible it must be to work in such a place? Where does that guy work anyway?

Focusing on the sign on the outside of the building gives us a clue. Closer examination reveals that the location of this guy’s horrible job is Austin-based advertising agency nFusion. I don’t have any reason to think that nFusion is a bad place to work, but I do think that maybe the creative mind behind this ad has a beef with them. Aren’t creatives great?


  1. I am a freelance photographer here in Austin and I am the “creative mind” behind this image and ad

    I have “NO BEEF” with nFusion at all. I enjoy working with them very much. As a matter of fact any time I shoot for them they pay me well, feed me breakfast tacos and treat me with the loving tenderness of a lioness. What would “THE BEEF” be about ?? The ad was meant to be funny about being at work in a city that is so known for its outdoor and physical prowess, and not a slight at nFusion. It is unfortunate that is what you decided to interpret from it, because now I am sat at my computer reading and responding to your blog when it is 70 degrees outside and I could be riding my bicycle instead. Oye!

  2. I’m actually going to head to Pure Austin instead to work away my stresses from blogging. hahaha, now that’s funny

  3. Well, there you go, mystery solved. No Beef had towards nFusion. Thanks for clearing that up Matt and please go ride your bike…my blog will still be here when you are done.

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